Residence Director

Overview The primary objective of the position is to provide responsive, effective residential supports and to lead the staff team in creating an atmosphere that places individual respect, dignity and empowerment above all else. This position is responsible for the day-to-day operations of assigned residence with the goal of maintaining and enhancing the quality of program services offered. Requires use of beeper to ensure effective communication. Responsibilities Support people in the development of talents and interests: - People are supported to express their interests or talents in their community with people who have similar interests. - People are supported in developing satisfying interests/hobbies that can be enjoyed at home. - Teaching of social skills as appropriate to people's needs is ongoing. Support each individual's existing relationships and increase their networks of friends and acquaintances. - Ensure that existing relationships with family and friends are supported so that people learn how to reciprocate feelings. - Focus planning to facilitate the development of new relationships built on common interests and needs. - Ensure that each individual has at least one person who assumes responsibility for monitoring their well-being and contacting management staff if they have any concerns. Ensure that all individuals are treated with respect, dignity and support to take as much control as possible over routines and activities in their home. Support people to make wise decisions that enhance their ability to reach their goals. Involve individuals in all planning and decisions that will have an impact on their lives. - Staff who work with them, their recruitment, evaluation, and continued employment. - All planning (ISP & other) regarding the present and future interests of the individual. - The routines of their life, work, home, vacations, meals, leisure time. - The culture of their home regarding respect for privacy common courtesy, shared responsibilities. - Health Care decisions, treatment. - Access to the support of family, guardian or an advocate to assist with potentially dangerous, costly or risky situations. Support people to present themselves in a positive manner (to enhance their ability to meet their goals) - People are insisted to dress in comfortable and attractive clothing, suited to the activity and season. - People have attractive d cor and possessions to express their interests and adult status. - People participate in social settings and activities that reinforce positive roles and expectations. Qualifications Has demonstrated commitment to philosophy and mission of this agency / DMR. Has proven record of commitment to people we support and has demonstrated excellent direct support work. Has demonstrated leadership abilities - is articulate, organized and able to reach other staff. Holds high standards and shows ability to self evaluate. Computer experience preferred. BA preferred. Valid Driver's License required, safe driving record and adequate insurance and vehicle. Apply for this job onlineRefer this job to a friend Share on your newsfeed Share this job on your Social Network! 14040
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